YouTube TV Channels: Plans, Pricing, and Add-ons (2023)

By Jim Kimble / Updated January 9, 2023

YouTube TV is currently the biggestinternet-based pay-tv servicein the United States with more than 5 million accounts, according to Google.

The reason? Cable and satellite television services are more expensive than in the past. Millions of people in the US are now usingCut the ropealternatives.Live TV Streaming Serviceslike YouTube TV andTV antennasThey are rapidly growing in popularity.

Here is a list ofYouTube TV Channelsand everything you need to know about pricing, add-ons, and features.

  • What is YouTube TV?
  • List of YouTube TV channels
  • Support for YouTube devices and apps
  • YouTube TV Comparisons
  • Free YouTube Trial
  • Frequently asked questions about YouTube TV channels

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube televisionis a live TV streaming service that can be thought of as an online version of a cable TV package. These types of streaming services are also known as Over-the-Top Streaming Services (OTT) or Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributor (MVPD).

As of December 2022, YouTube TV has 128 live TV channels on the basic plan, plus an on-demand hub for YouTube Originals.

YouTube TV Channels: Plans, Pricing, and Add-ons (1)

You will have a locationABC,ZORRO,CBSjA B Canywhere in the US YouTube TVPremieredin April 2017 in five delivery-focused US citieslocal radio stationsalong with cable television networks likeESPN.

The service is operated by regional sports networks such as NBC Sports and SportsNet New York.

The basic plan isn't your only subscription option. YouTube TV also has programs in Spanish. The standalone Spanish plan costs $34.99 per month and has 28+ live Spanish TV channels.

One major benefit that customers appreciate about live TV streaming services is that they often cost less than cable and can be easily canceled online without having to call a customer service representative.

How much does YouTube TV cost?

A basic YouTube TV subscription costs $64.99 per month and includes over 100 live TV channels.

Subscribers can watch live TV on three screens at once. Each account gets unlimited cloud DVR storage.

YouTube TV's main competitors cost a bit more but offer different channels and features.

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hulu tv liveIt costs $69.99 per month and includes ad-supported versions of Disney+ and ESPN+.

fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM start at $74.99 per month. Sling TV has two smaller channel packages that start at $40 per month.

YouTube TV offers a number of additional features and channels. A "4K Plus" plan costs $19.99 per month. With the 4K package, subscribers get 8 channels in 4K. With the "4K Plus" plan, you can watch live TV on an unlimited number of screens and watch DVR recordings offline.

Google made a big change in 2022 by allowing customers to subscribe to individual networks without a live TV plan. Networks that do not require a subscription to the Basic plan include:

  • Hallmark movies now
  • Show Time
  • Sterne
  • NBA League-Pass
  • epix
  • shudder
  • sun dance now
  • TV swamp
  • HD max
  • Cinemax
  • Unlimited IFC Movies
  • flow of curiosity
  • Paloma
  • CONtv
  • Docurama
  • law and crime
  • VSiN
  • Outdoor TV Features
  • spanish plan

List of YouTube TV channels

YouTube TV has 128 live TV channels on the basic plan. However, the exact number of channels depends on where you live. For example, one area may cover more local or regional sports channels than another.

  1. A B C
  2. abc news
  3. ACC Rot
  4. adult swimming
  5. AMC
  6. Planet of the Animals
  7. BBC America
  8. BBC World News
  9. be enthusiastic about sports
  10. LAWS
  11. BET them
  12. Bravo
  13. big network ten
  14. CBS
  15. Red deports CBS
  16. CNBC
  17. CNBC-Welt
  18. CNN
  19. Cartoon Network
  20. Cheddar cheese
  21. New cheddar cheese
  22. CMT
  23. Comedy Central
  24. TV comedy
  25. Comet
  26. court television
  27. TV series
  28. Mesa
  29. Discovery Channel
  30. Kanal-Disney
  31. Junior-Disney
  32. Disney X.D
  33. Docurama
  34. pigeon channel
  35. MI!
  36. ESPN
  37. ESPN2
  38. ESPNU
  39. ESPNews
  40. ZORRO
  41. fox shop
  42. Fox News
  43. fox soul
  44. Wetter in ZORRO
  45. FS1
  46. FS2
  47. special effects
  48. FXM
  49. FXX
  50. food network
  51. free form
  52. Galavision
  53. TV
  54. Golfkanal
  55. Game Show Network
  56. other channel
  57. other spectacle
  58. Outstanding Movies and Mysteries
  59. HGTV
  60. HL
  61. HSN
  62. IFC
  63. research discovery
  64. Justice Central Television
  65. LAFC
  66. law and crime
  67. Live now FOX
  68. location now
  69. local ABC
  70. MLB game of the week
  71. MLB rot
  72. MSNBC
  73. engine trend
  74. mtv
  75. MTV2
  76. mtv classic
  77. MiRedTV
  78. NBA TV
  79. ABC
  80. NBC News Now
  81. NBC-Universe
  82. NBCSN
  83. NBCLx
  84. Nat Geo Wild
  85. National Geography
  86. news nation
  87. Rote NFL
  88. Nickelodeon
  89. Nick Junior.
  90. nicknames
  91. City of Orlando
  92. OWN
  93. oxygen
  94. true crime oxygen
  95. red originally
  96. PBS
  97. PBS-Kinder
  98. PC Magcom
  99. Pop
  100. QVC
  102. SEK rot
  103. SportsNet Nueva York
  104. Kanal Smithsoniano
  105. start watching tv
  106. Sundance television
  107. SyFy
  108. TBS
  109. MTC
  110. TLC
  111. TNT
  112. TYT
  113. made to taste
  114. Teenager
  115. Teletreffer
  116. Telemundo
  117. o cw
  118. travel channel
  119. TRUE
  120. Earth TV
  121. US network
  122. unique
  123. universal children
  124. Unit
  125. VH1
  126. US television
  127. The Weather Channel
  128. YouTube-Originale
  129. the great courses

Note: Some channels are subject to availability in your region.

Sports channels with YouTube TV

The YouTube TV Base plan already comes with a variety of sports channels. ESPN,ESPN2,SEK rot,ACC Rot,ESPNU, ESPNews,FS1,FS2,MLB rot,NBA TVThey are all part of the basic plan channel lineup.

For an additional $10.99 per month, subscribers can add the "Sports Plus" package. Sports Plus channels include:

  • Billiard TV
  • FOX Football Plus
  • Rede MAVTV Motorsports
  • Rote Zone there NFL
  • Outside the TV+
  • PlayersTV
  • PokerGO+
  • SportsGrid
  • Stadium
  • FanDuell-TV
  • VSiN
  • web of struggle
  • Schlagwrestling

Note: GolTV was removed from the Sports Plus package in August 2022.

Do you offer local channels on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV streams local broadcast networks like local broadcasters ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. These are the same local affiliates carried by cable companies and freely available as free-to-air channels.

YouTube TV Channels: Plans, Pricing, and Add-ons (2)

Plus Entertainment-Paket

Most YouTube TV channels are entertainment networks. But subscribers can also bundleHD max, STARZ and SHOWTIME at a discounted price of $29.99 per month. HBO Max is $14.99 if you have a standalone subscription on or off YouTube TV.

STARZ alone costs $8.99 per month. SHOWTIME costs $10.99 per month as a standalone subscription.

Which channels are 4K on YouTube TV?

According to Google, there are 8 channels of 4K resolution for "select live and on-demand" programming. The 4K channels are:

(Video) Youtube TV - What Channels Will I Get? - Youtube TV Add-Ons - Youtube Red - Review

  • discovery
  • ESPN
  • Fuchssport
  • special effects
  • National Geographic
  • NBC-Sport
  • made to taste
  • MLB rot

After subscribing to the 4K Plus package, you can check if a 4K version of a program is offered by clicking the down arrow under the title. The video information panel will indicate if a 4K option is available for viewing.

Under the Live tab, you will find channels that will have 4K programs in the next 10 days. 4K streaming is only available on 4K streaming devices and compatible smart TVs.

Family accounts, simulcasts

If you sign up for a YouTube TV subscription, you can stream live on three screens at the same time. You have the option to create a family group so that up to five other members of your family can have their own personal library, viewing settings and cloud DVR recordings.

These settings and viewing history are not shared with other family members in your group.

Support for YouTube devices and apps

YouTube TV is primarily viewed through the YouTube TV app. The app is compatible with most streaming devices including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xfinity Flex, and TiVo Stream 4K.

You can watch YouTube TV on Smart TV with Android TV or Google TV. Smart TVs from Sony, Hisense, TCL and Phillips currently run on Google TV. There are mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Gamers can watch YouTube TV on the latest Xbox gaming consoles from Xbox One. PlayStation 4 and 5 are supported.

How to Watch YouTube TV on Smart TV

Many Smart TVs support the YouTube TV app. You can also stream YouTube TV to any smart TV that supports Chromecast.

Any Smart TV with Android TV or Google TV will work. Vizio SmartCast TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs (2016 and newer models), HiSense TVs are supported.

For 4K Plus subscribers, you can use any of the above smart TVs and streaming devices that support 4K resolution. Whether you're using a streaming device or not, your TV must support 4K to use 4K Plus for a higher resolution picture.


The DVR in YouTube TV is cloud-based, so you don't need any hardware in your house to record TV shows or movies.

Instead, Google stores this content for you. When watching live TV, click the down arrow on the remote control and select the "More" tab to record a programme.

The search icon is the easiest way to find a specific program to record.

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It's in the top-right corner of the screen. After entering the title of a TV show or movie, select Add to Library to record.

YouTube TV Channels: Plans, Pricing, and Add-ons (3)

All your saved shows are in the Library tab, which organizes Recent Recordings, Shows, Movies, and Sports.

YouTube TV Comparisons

Channel lineups and channel pricing are two key differences when comparing YouTube TV to the competition.

fuboTV's Basic Pro plan costs $74.99 per month. The Pro plan comes with 152+ live TV channels and 1000 hours of cloud DVR. Turner's networks are absent, including TNT, TBS and CNN. But fubo is very close to airing regional networks from Bally Sports, which could be a big deal if you're a die-hard MLB or NBA fan.

DIRECTV STREAM also starts at $74.99 per month. The entertainment plan includes more than 75 TV channels and unlimited cloud DVR. The entertainment package includes local channels and cable TV networks with sports, news and entertainment. Regional sports networks like Bally Sports are part of the Choice plan, which costs $99.99 per month.

Hulu Live TV offers over 75 TV channels, unlimited DVR, and ad-supported versions of Disney+ and ESPN+. Hulu Live also streams local channels like NBC, CBS, and FOX stations similar to YouTube TV. NBC Sports' regional channels are on Hulu Live. A subscription costs $69.99 per month.

Free YouTube Trial

When you sign up for a YouTube TV subscription, you will automatically receive one7 days free trial. You need a free Google account. If you already use Gmail, you'll need a Google account to start watching TV.

You only get one free trial per account.

How to turn off YouTube TV

Go to the YouTube TV website and sign in to your account. Select the Settings tab and then Membership. To cancel, click the Manage button.

Frequently asked questions about YouTube TV channels

These are the questions that readers look for when researching YouTube TV.

Are all YouTube TV channels in HD?

Most YouTube TV channels are in high definition with a few exceptions. By default, a YouTube TV subscription is set to "Automatic" image resolution, so it will be displayed in either 720p or 1080p resolution. But there are lower default resolution settings for 480p, 360p, and 240p.

Are there ESPN channels on YouTube TV?

Yes. The entire ESPN family of networks can be seen on YouTube TV. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, ACC Network, SEC Network and ESPN3 via the ESPN App.

Are pre-recorded movies free with YouTube TV?

NO. If you use Cloud DVR to record a movie, commercials that were part of the stream will continue to play.

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Can you add movie channels to YouTube TV?

si YouTube TV offers premium movies like HBO Max, Showtime, Acorn TV, STARZ, Hallmark Movies Now, Cinemax, EPIX, VIX+, ScreenPix, AMC+, Shudder, Sundance Now, IFC Films Unlimited, Docurama, Fandor, MovieSphere, Magnolia Selects , z write box.

What internet speed do I need for YouTube TV?

YouTube TV requires an internet connection of at least 3 Mbps for the best viewing experience.

Visit the streaming home page for more streaming news, guides, and reviews.The cable cutting reportor follow thatCCR on Google News.

Note: This article was originally published on December 23, 2022 and has been updated to reflect the latest pricing and plans.

YouTube TV Channels: Plans, Pricing, and Add-ons (4)

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