Top 10 Home Staging Companies in Chandler, Arizona (2023) (2023)

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Top 10 Home Staging Companies in Chandler, Arizona (2023) (1)

Give us a few details and we'll show you the best staging companies in your area.


Give us a few details and we'll show you the best staging companies in your area.


Top 10 Companies in Chandler, AZ

Customers agree: these Chandler home staff are valued for their knowledge, experience, communication and more.

De's IgnsNew to HomeGuideOffers Online ServicesServes Chandler, AZI has been designing interiors for residential and commercial properties in the Phoenix metropolitan area and parts of northern and southern Arizona for nearly 40 years. Specializing in window decoration and color schemes for residential and commercial projects, I am a former IFDA member, ASID Associate Member, Chair of the International Color Marketing Group and have worked with IIDA designers in the industry. In April 2017 I received the Design ICON award from Sources and Design Magazine. I also received the Achievement for Architectural and Design Services award in 2017. I love colorsBespoke Interior Design LLC New to HomeGuideServes Chandler, AZI is the CEO and founder of my Phoenix-based design firm, Bespoke Interior Design LLC. I have been designing for five years. My fully integrated approach to designing luxury homes reflects my desire to combine my clients' boldest and boldest personalities with their home design, giving them spaces as unique as their fingerprints. My design style is directly related to my love of travel combined with the influence of my father who could build anything he could imagine. I was introduced to the world of design and appreciated architecture, textiles and colors at a young age and I greatly appreciated these principlesElle Interiors5.0(2)1 Attitude in HomeGuide Over 26 years in business serving Chandler, AZHulda G. says: “Great design and solutions to practical problems. Great resources and long-lasting quality products." Find out moreNspired Home StagingNew to HomeGuide 19+ years in BusinessChandler's support, AZHome on the market but not selling? Call us! We specialize in listing vacant homes in Southeast Phoenix, AZ. We transform vacant properties into a home that potential buyers can imagine. We tailor each design to our own needs to emphasize the individual character of each home, using furniture and accessories that are up-to-date, affordable and match the home's personality and style. Staged things not only give expression, but also help to minimize the time spent on the market, make the home friendlier and help emphasize the house's spaciousness and functionality. Call us today at 602.738.2584 or visit us…Norwood FurnitureNew to HomeGuideOver 53 years in business. I serve Chandler, AZI and am a Senior Designer at Norwood Furniture in Gilbert, Arizona. I had my own design office and retired after more than 20 years, but found that retirement was not an option due to my love for design. I have been with Norwood for over 11 years. Norwood offers a free, no-obligation design service. I come to your home, measure the areas or make a design based on your plan and place furniture and accessories on my floor plan so you can see how the floor plan will look. I love the before and after price. My clients refer their friends and family knowing that I will work within their budget and project requirements and take all risk and risk…VIP Interior New Home Guide Top Professionals Offering Online Services Over 30 Years in Business Powered by Chandler, AZE All About You! Your needs, dreams and wishes. I will use all my 25 years of interior design experience to make it happen. The design is individually adapted to you and expresses your personality, your style and your taste. It will delight your family and friends and create a friendly atmosphere to which they will gladly return home. Customer service is our top priority! I would love to help a homeowner complete their dream home! And I enjoy the whole experience of helping them fall in love with their decor…Brenda Lee Design New at HomeGuide offers online services. Over 14 years in business. Brenda Lee Design has been serving Chandler, AZ for 14 years. Additionally, areas such as Charlotte, North Carolina and Southern California have commissioned Brenda Lee Design. As lead designer, Brenda brings a refined elegance to all interiors with the ability to develop a range of detail, scale and space planning to suit the client's taste, be it traditional, sophisticated contemporary, transitional, vintage or eclectic. "Design is about bringing the space inside to life"! The main goal is to create a space...DanegerousCreationsNew to HomeGuideOver 8 years in business Serving Chandler, AZWelcome to our small family owned store! My husband and I love restoring the great look of old antique furniture! We also like to create our own unique works.

Reviews of Chandler staging companies

Recent success stories from people in the Chandler area.

Anna N.

Ellinor helped me turn my renovated home into the home I've always dreamed of. I highly recommend Elle Interiors!

Top 10 Home Staging Companies in Chandler, Arizona (2023) (12)

Elle Interior


Britt Wallace was with us all the way. Thanks Brit!!! He sold our house in one day for full price - and gave us the BEST lender to buy our NEW home!!!

Top 10 Home Staging Companies in Chandler, Arizona (2023) (13)

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties

Jessica Q.

We couldn't be happier with the design of our dining room! We commissioned Homestead Restorations to add a matte black covering to one of the walls in our dining room. When we talked to Jennifer and Jason during our design consultation, we mentioned how much the space feels enclosed. They found a solution immediately, literally on the spot! Jason messed with the ceiling and they explained how removing the false ceiling from plasterboard would remove the feeling of isolation and give the impression that the ceiling had been raised not only in the dining room but also in the hall. You were there! The room was better than we could have imagined!!! I am a rather frugal person and also very picky. The fact that they exceeded my expectations and did it for about half the cost I expected for the materials alone was the least I could do to write this review and show my support. Thanks again for all your hard work, you are both very talented! We are grateful that you both helped us create our home exactly as we dreamed! We will definitely hire your company again!

Top 10 Home Staging Companies in Chandler, Arizona (2023) (14)


Danae C.

Miesha and the team were extremely helpful from start to finish. Our project included wallpapering and fully furnishing our bedroom, living room and dining room as well as refreshing the home office. The team went out of their way to ensure all our needs were met within our budget and it was flawless. She even provided a detailed shopping list with links to the items we needed for our place. The team also went out of their way to supply us with our components and ensure service and craftsmanship. I appreciate the time and careful thought that went into making our home our forever home. Thanks Miesha! I will definitely hire this team again.

Top 10 Home Staging Companies in Chandler, Arizona (2023) (15)

Aster Luxe projects

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Top 10 Home Staging Companies in Chandler, Arizona (2023)? ›

Home Staging ROI

About 75% of sellers see an ROI of 5% to 15% over the asking price when they choose to stage their homes professionally before they put them up for sale. Investing 1.3% in staging results in a 7.1% average over-list return, according to a 2021 survey.

What is the average return on staging a house? ›

Home Staging ROI

About 75% of sellers see an ROI of 5% to 15% over the asking price when they choose to stage their homes professionally before they put them up for sale. Investing 1.3% in staging results in a 7.1% average over-list return, according to a 2021 survey.

Does staging a home really work? ›

Staging can help buyers visualize themselves in a particular home while also helping properties garner higher prices than non-staged homes, according to the Real Estate Staging Association. And in a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, more than 25 percent of Realtors said staged homes sell faster.

Do staging companies make a lot of money? ›

The real wealth is in owning and operating a home staging business. Many of these entrepreneurs generate more than a million dollars in annual revenue, and maintain a 20-30% profit margin.

How do I plan my home staging? ›

12 Home-Staging Tips
  1. Clean. A clean home shows potential buyers that you've taken good care of the property. ...
  2. Declutter. There are two major problems with clutter: ...
  3. Depersonalize. ...
  4. Focus on Fresh. ...
  5. Define Rooms. ...
  6. Wallpaper and Paint. ...
  7. Flooring. ...
  8. Lighting.

How much should you spend on staging? ›

As a general rule of thumb, the average cost for most stagers is $300 to $600 for an initial design consultation, and $500 to $600 per month per staged room. “Therefore, staging a 2,000-square-foot home would cost around $2,000 to $2,400 a month,” explains real estate professional Crystal Leigh Hemphill.

What should you not do when staging a house? ›

20 Most Common Staging Mistakes
  1. Too Much Furniture.
  2. Furniture That Doesn't Fit the Room.
  3. Household Smells.
  4. Keeping Knick Knacks on Display.
  5. Excessive Dark Paint.
  6. Drastically Different Paint Colors Throughout the Home.
  7. Pushing All Furniture Against the Walls.
  8. A Lack of Light.


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