Society is doomed, but love always wins with The 1975's new album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language. — ANTI Magazine (2023)

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In a nutshell, the new 1975s album is a treat.

Society is doomed, but love always wins with The 1975's new album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language. — ANTI Magazine (1)

British alternative rock band The 1975 return after a two-year hiatus with their new album "Be funny in a foreign language🇧🇷 Appropriately titled, the album is filled with witty humor from start to finish, touching on many relevant topics related to society and life in the internet age. Lead singer Matthew Healy and members Adam Hann, George Daniel and Ross MacDonald kicked off the project on Friday October 14, 2022, just before the album's tour begins in November. The album fuels fans' nostalgia for the familiar feel of their 2013 debut album.or 1975🇧🇷 The sound shows that they went back to their roots after their 2018 album",A brief overview of online relationships', had a more experimental sound with techno and synthwave inspired elements mixed in his next project of 2020, 'Notes on a conditional form🇧🇷 They haven't stopped continuing their iconic themes of lust, heartbreak and clever implications along with their unique lyrics and catchy hooks.

Society is doomed, but love always wins with The 1975's new album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language. — ANTI Magazine (2)

The album begins as usual with a self-titled intro track. 🇧🇷or 1975] Packed with a fast-paced melodic piano and nods to growing up in the internet age, the rhythm of the instruments along with the poetic melody give a sense of tension that builds throughout the song. The Poetry"I'm sorry if you're alive and seventeen' refers to the struggles that young people face mentally because of what society has become. The line "feeling lethargic after going through hell' implies the reality of the transstate that social media has made tangible for all of humanity. The band carefully crafts their album openers with important messages reflecting the times since their previous album opened with a powerful monologue from environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Society is doomed, but love always wins with The 1975's new album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language. — ANTI Magazine (3)

The second title "happiness ', the second single released, has that identifiably upbeat '80s sound, similar to 'she leavesand"girl', from their first album. A pop-influenced backing track along with saxophone and a splash of shimmering sound effects make this dreamy song perfect for dancing. The next track also has a heavy 80's inspired sound and sounds eerily similar to classic hits.ruthless"Ö"Everyone wants to rule the world“, everything down to the synthesizer and percussion, the melody and the use of the echo effect in the vocals transport the listener to this time. Despite its danceable, upbeat instrumentals, the song wryly deals with the terrible tragedies our world continues to suffer; school shootings. The final chorus sings:But the boy with the plan and a gun in hand was looking for someone to love.', which comes back to the question of mental health in this cluttered world.

Society is doomed, but love always wins with The 1975's new album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language. — ANTI Magazine (4)

Then in the registry "part of the band', the first single released in July, seems to be a fan favorite due to the incredibly creative and humorous lyrics. The simple instrumental ranges from a gentle orchestral sound during the verses to a simple melodic guitar during the chorus. The light guitar and soft vocals of the chorus reflect the sound of the 70's rock band,Adler🇧🇷 The song has escapism as a general theme, with references to drugs, sex and the dopamine we sense on the internet. With a lot of metaphorical words, lines like “I know some vaccinators, fancy baristas, sitting in their communist tanks in the East', gets fans talking about how Healy's sarcastic and comedic personality is showcased in this track. The song ends with some self-reflection as Healy references his sobriety and reveals that this is his new "daily iteration." Next on the song list is: "hello carolina', a wonderful pop ballad that you can't help but sing along to. The mix of piano and synthesizer sounds together with explosive percussion has an overwhelming effect on everyone who listens. The wave of pop love songs continues the previously released single "I'm in love with you🇧🇷 A fun, light-hearted celebration of romance, this song amuses listeners as Healy sings passionately about her love for someone. Its pop guitar mixed with more of that dreamy, shimmering sound really enhances the sense of love this song exudes. Fans can expect this to be a favorite on their winter tour. The melody of the chorus and bridge give the perfect feeling of singing along with the windows below. Deceleration with the new single of the project "all i need to hear' is a beautiful ballad that alludes to the fact that despite the insincerity that can occur in a relationship, sometimes all a person needs is to hear that they are loved. The line "Answer my texts and answer my calls, you see, I wrote you a letter, it was useless' refers to being 'spooked' or ignored by a lover, which is a common situation in our culture. This goes back to the album's recurring theme of our society and how cold it can be. This ballad sounds like something you would hear in a church. Full of passion and bluesy soul, the sincerity of the words can not only be felt in the voice. 🇧🇷wintering’, the next song is an acoustic folk song with a kind of notebook story that takes you on your Christmas journey home with Healy. On the Story tab of this song on Spotify, Matty Healy says, "It is also noted that while Christmas and family gatherings used to be battles over monopolies and trifles, these gatherings of young people on the Internet are now being encouraged into political gatherings where generational conflict is created and fought.Again shows the theme of the album on the internet and its impact on youth. 🇧🇷human too', a song about empathy, is vocally led by a very simple piano to support the beautiful message. This song also fits the theme of the album, as it counteracts young people's obsession with perfection, which arises from the use of the Internet. Another quote from Healy states,"I feel like many young people are setting these moral, political and social standards that they can never achieve, which will only lead them down this path of disappointment and reflection on being an imperfect human being."The smooth use of instruments used in this song allows listeners to really hear what you're saying and feel the words more deeply than just the music. 🇧🇷about you', the penultimate track on the album, is a follow-up to the song 'robber', from their first album. The dark, dreamy sound with vocal echoes and a unique string and brass distortion remains incredibly original for The 1975. The melody is eerily close to the melody of an earlier song of theirs,"medicine🇧🇷 The similarity to this track and many songs from their debut album made the fans boil with nostalgia. It feels like a memory from 2013 when I cried while browsing Tumblr on an iPhone 4. The last track: "When we are together', has this soft and relaxing acoustic sound with gentle harmonies that feels like a warm hug on a cold day. The bridge comes with a nice mixture of violin and violin vibration. Matty Healy's melancholic sound, relatable lyrics and smooth voice are the perfect ending to such a special album.

Society is doomed, but love always wins with The 1975's new album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language. — ANTI Magazine (5)

This album feels particularly different than the last two released. Many agreed that it sounds like the second part of their first album and brings an incredibly special feeling to those who spent their teenage years listening to and loving this song. Nothing compares to hearing an album for the first time. Where someone can be physically, mentally and spiritually in their life is unique to the individual and experiences related to that music will always be special. For this album, not only is it an opportunity for new feelings and experiences to blossom, but it has also allowed fans to reconnect with their former selves and recall the feeling they had when they listened to their music met for the first time.

1975 kicks off their winter tour, At Their Very Best, on November 10, 2022, and tickets are selling out fast. If you've always wanted to see them live, now is the time to see them at their peak.

Sofia S.


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