John Wick 3 Delivers the Justice We All Crave (2023)

ÖJohn DochtMovies are among the “popular movies” loved by masses. In the weeks leading up to the debut ofJohn Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, You can instantly find sympathy with the tired elevator workers and the hassled supermarket cashiers and the grumpy guy who comes to fix the dryer just by mentioning that you were looking forward to seeing himJohn Mech 3.It was wonderful to see faces light up in eager response, "Oh yes,John Docht! I will be there on the first day, I already bought my tickets.

The first film was directed by the relatively unknown Chad Stahelski and (uncredited) David Leitch, who began as stunt coordinators and second unit directors on a series of generally modest action films. "We'd be in the fourth sequel or maybe the sixth," they say.countedthe loving hosts of Honest Movie Trailers. Even with star Keanu Reeves on board, whom they knew from the collaborationMatrixFilme (Stahelski war Reeves' Stuntdouble),John Dochtit had to be done on a tight budget. The stuntmen who played the henchmen filmed by John Wick in the first film had to jump as soon as they left the camera frame in order to run and attack him again to make a small group of assassins look big.

For those who can't understand why so many people like killing action movies andJohn Dochtit's definitely about killing; It might be instructive to consider these films. They offer all the awesome escapism you want after working your monotonous job or jobs all week or suffering from needing a job and not having one and finding a way to use the awesome elements of "world building" connect to. the film to a common core of shared reality. This shared reality between you and John Wick is screwed up by lazy people with power in a filthy system that aggressively attacks you if you just try to get on with a life that's already miserable enough. They take away what little you have.

The famous premise ofJohn Wick 1Here's the thing: He's a retired assassin who gave up the life of killing for his loving wife, Helen (Bridget Moynahan). She had just died of cancer and made sure to receive a posthumous gift after the funeral: an adorable beagle puppy named Daisy.

Well, a gangster's son (Alfie Allen) and his gangster friends break into the home of a grieving John Wick and kill John Wick's dog. They also steal your car, an old Mustang, but that's a side issue. Killing a dog is such an extreme taboo that Stahelski and Leitch say they had to justify it to production executives, who questioned whether the public would tolerate it.

Of course, as terrifying as it is, and we don't see the actual untold plot, only the aftermath, which is bad enough, it's a hugely effective premise in an action movie. So whatever John Wick does to these people is justified. He can't kill her brutally enough to please the crowd. The decks have been cleared for chaos.

It's an instantly iconic moment in the genre when John Wick goes down to his basement, grabs a sledgehammer and smashes the concrete he spilled all over his gun stash when he gave up his old life as a topÖon - killer. This is the "you messed with the wrong guy" fantasy angle loved by all action movie fans (seeDie Hard, Sob Siege, Taken, Luta de Kung-Fu, and many other classics from the American and Hong Kong/Chinese tradition). As with so many aspects of genre films, you can see its appeal in that it offers a vicarious experience of what you can't have in real life. The vast majority of us in America feel profoundly alone and forced to rely on our own resources when wronged, with little real expectation that we can obtain justice through a system that is against us. And while we can't fool ourselves, we're pretty much the kind of guy you should never mess with, we can still watch movies and cheer for John Wick.

ÖJohn DochtThe filmmakers aren't shy about providing us with plenty of offbeat, fantasy-filled cinematic elements throughout the series. They seem to be working directly for us, we humans, in an attempt to create ever more audience-catching effects, and we appreciate their efforts for us. It seems less fake than usual with executives of the production companyappreciateto this success factorJohn DochtFilm:

John Drake, the co-chair of Lionsgate's film group [on] why he thinks the franchise has been so successful [:] "I really think it's Keanu and Chad's sheer love for the audience," said Drake. "They make films for audiences and they're determined to excite and impress and invent things that you've never seen before and when you love the audience so much and give it to them, they show up."

Needless to say, that means ever-increasing performances in imaginative fight scenes, no easy feat at this point in film history after generations of the best and brightest in fight choreography have given their best. ButJohannes Docht 3delivers, particularly in a series of scenes I'll simply call Library Fight, Weapons Shop Fight, Dog Fu Fight, and the brilliantly unreleased Stable Fight with Horse Fu.

But "delivering" means more than just the necessary fight scenes. the narration ofJohn Wick 1for3It keeps opening up to larger worlds occupied by international assassins, hiding in plain sight for everyone around us. For example, the Continental Hotel in New York City is where all the assassins rest, make plans, and talk to other assassins. You can't do any practical business there, namely no sight killing, a rule that gets John Wick in big trouble towards the endJohannes Wick 2.

The hotel is a perfect hotel, dark and luxurious, managed with sophistication. It's run by a quietly creepy owner using the alias Winston Churchill (Ian McShane) and his impeccable concierge, Charon (Lance Reddick). Both are impassive, polite, absorbed in worldly knowledge, and unable to surprise. You understand everything at a glance. In the hotel and among assassins around the world, use your assassins' special currency, large and elaborate gold coins. You quietly present one to get basically everything in the assassin world: a room, a meal, some guns. There are no exact pricing systems. "You do not understand itchangesays Director Stahelski disparagingly.

So you can go through the list of things that are highly desirable at some level but never acquired by most ordinary people:

  • Revenge on those who hurt him.
  • Exquisite courtesy in the way people treat you, allowing you to respond with kindness.
  • A great life where everything is clean and precise and works perfectly. Even the vocabulary intensifies; For example, murderers who are no longer in good standing are declared "excommunicated."
  • A sense of belonging and deep understanding within a group, such that a glance or a nod is enough to convey complex meanings.
  • A switching system that isn't humiliating, where you can't be "plugged in" to be classed as inferior because it works more like a membership card - just show it and you'll get the goods and services you need.

In real life, you have to have a lot of money to be treated with great courtesy in America. I've had this experience before. Thanks to a stroke of luck in Bay Area real estate, my husband's childhood home, a run-of-the-mill home bought in the early 1960's for $17,000 on plasterer's wages, sold for nearly $1 million. This completely unexpected legacy was shared among a few survivors. Then we take our valuable part to the bank. Never again in our lives will we experience such reassuring courtesy, such concern for our well-being, such eagerness to serve us.

Johannes Docht 3starts immediately whereJohannes Docht 2arrested, "excommunicated" with John Wick for killing someone on the grounds of the Continental Hotel, only because the guy needed to be killed and refused to leave the hotel. Ruthless mobster Santino D'Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) forced Wick to honor a Marker and murder D'Antonio's sister in order to take his place at the "High Table", a sort of all-powerful crime executive. Gentlemen. So he betrayed Wick and tried to kill him. This entangled Wick in a world of trouble and flashed further back to infinity the day Wick was able to retire with his new dog, a pit bull he rescued from a killing center and named Dog.

Once excommunicated, Wick is at the mercy of all the world's would-be assassins and begins his insane run, seeking refuge anywhere. This means that the bookmarks themselves are called. The bookmarks, printed with the bloody fingerprints of those who gave them, are meant to be honored in the world of John Wick's assassins, andJohannes Docht 3It contains these and other symbols that signify eternal promises. One is a giant crucifix given to a wild lover of a Russian gypsy ballet troupe and crime boss known as The Director (Anjelica Houston), who in return has to offer her help. She was involved in some way with the founding and founding of John Wick, and her slogan shows that this was no walk in the park: "As we know, art is pain and life is suffering."

Johannes Docht 3shows a significant number of times that people in the assassin world are required to take a formal oath of allegiance to boss characters, saying, "I will serve, I will be of service." It's a clumsy line, but we get the idea. That promise comes under increasing pressure as the main table's obviously bad rule becomes abusive enough to foment a rebellion against what will clearly be Issue AJohannes Docht 4.

We'll all be watching this movie too, because who among us hasn't had to make a series of sickening promises under duress? We are trained in childhood with the "oath of allegiance" in coerced vows, and in adulthood other outrages called things like "the second job interview" and "the employment contract" follow.

Johannes Docht 3It also features more dogs, which made up a large part of its advertising. After Daisy's death, we want to make sure the dogs live and thrive while we share in the aftermath of the aftermath.John Wick 1. Hence Dog, the Pitbull outPart 2is accompanied by two Belgian MalinoisPart 3.We all followed breathlessly as Halle Berry helped train the dogs of her tough character in the film. You're the center of a big fight scene in which one of the dogs repeats Rin Tin Tin's old silent film feat of scaling a 12-foot wall, the surest thrill cinema has ever produced.

Now we can summarize some more imaginative elements that act as compensation for what we are denied:

  • acknowledgment of our suffering. Well, Bernie Sanders admits it, but that's the only way the working class can earn public respect. In fact, we live in a storm of insults from those in power.
  • Meaning in Our Lives: In action films, this usually takes the form of celebrating the culture of honor, where people recognize the importance of living by a deeply rooted code of principles that includes promises and the consequences of failure or betrayal ( "Consequences" is a repeated and serious word inJohn Mech 3.) It's of course what we might call "problematic", this nostalgia for the culture of honor, but it's a major highlight in most action films and should be taken into account. The culture of honor tends to be quite brutal and regressive. But at least it's a different kind of brutality than the malevolent meanness that dominates our lives in contemporary Western culture. The culture of honor offers high meaning along with toughness, and meaning is the factor we want. If we have to suffer and die, we cannot avoid wanting to do it in a system of meaning that is recognized by all.
  • Dogs as Companions: This is tricky because, of course, many of us own dogs that set an example of absolute loyalty and bravery that we admire and cannot. But we don't have dogs that are honored as comrades in the rest of the world. For example, John Wick can send Dog alone in a taxi to the Continental Hotel, confident that the concierge will check him in and get him a nice room.

After all, we need a star who represents us credibly. Here we must pay homage to the figure in the middleJohn DochtUniverse, Keanu Reeves. He's a popular "pop star" for a reason, and we all go by his first name, "Keanu." It looks like he's the star, directing his little-known ex-stuntman's movie on a shoestring budget, as reports of his odd and unusual decency abound. We like his slightly dazed expression and dazed voice that fits our weird times like a glove.

From the start, it became a useful part of his fame that he was considered willing to do a little anything: he didDorfon stage and is often not a very good actor. When top directors kept casting him for challenging roles, we saw him stumble across them looking cute, silly, and adorable, and we gave him a pass. Soon he would always find a suitable role that would unleash his star qualities once again.Matrixprobably offered him his perfect role as the clueless working-class kid who happens to be "the one" and can say with wonder and satisfaction, "I know kung fu!"

I saw him once in LA at a place called Victor's (now closed), a seedy bar/restaurant that was once popular with hungover stars trying to choke on their breakfast. The place was mostly deserted this morning, but word was getting around the little mini-plaza where Victor's was, and soon everyone would find an excuse to cross the parking lot and see Keanu. He handled it with great grace, convincingly pretending not to notice, and an unusual courtesy attack ensued, with everyone taking the hint and pretending to be unaware of his fame. Keanuis proudbeing able to go to the supermarket and other public places, unlike some stars who can't take the mad and focused stares of fandom.

emJohn me 3,There's a meta gag when John Wick starts finding other assassins trying to kill him who are "big fans" of his. Keanu plays with these scenes, letting us see a barely suppressed impatience that he never seems to show in real life.

He showed up at Víctor's with a version of his latestJohn DochtOutfit - black suit but with a white shirt instead of black - suggesting he's iconicJohn DochtThe outfit is based on his usual civilian clothes. He was tall, which is unusual for a film actor, and otherwise looked exactly like himself, so too handsome for everyday life. He was there to meet a woman who works for some children's charity and was looking for her support. Before speaking to her seriously for an hour in a way that suggested he would support her, he politely asked the waitress if the bar was open yet.

It wasn't because it was 8:30.

I respect.


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