How to Fix Discord TTS Not Working Error (2023)

The Discord platform is perfect for texting, video chatting, and voice chatting with friends, but when you're nothas a microphone(or cannot or do not want to speak), you can stay outside. Luckily, Discord can help you fix this with its Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature, which converts text to voice messages.

Unfortunately, if Discord TTS isn't working, you'll need to find a solution before you can use the TTS functionality on the platform. Not all Discord servers or channels support TTS. However, if it is and you are unable to use it, then you need to follow these steps to fix the problem.

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    How to Enable Discord Text-to-Speech

    If you want to use text-to-speech in Discord, you'll need to make sure the feature is enabled in your Discord settings and ready to use. You can only use Discord TTS on server channels that have the feature enabled. So you need to join a channel (and server) that supports the feature. This helps prevent TTS abuse on heavily loaded servers.

    Unfortunately, Discord TTS is only compatible with PC or Mac via the Discord web or desktop app. Discord mobile app doesn't currently support TTS so you can't use TTS feature there.

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    1. To enable Discord Text-to-Speech, you need to open the Discord app on your PC or Mac. If you use the Discord web app,Open the Discord websiteand log in.
    1. After logging in, select theSettings iconnext to your username in the lower left corner.
    1. NOuser settingsselect menunotificationsno menu on the side. NOText-to-speech notificationsMake sure TTS notifications are enabled; This will ensure you hear Discord TTS messages on your active channels. Choose one of the available options to enable Discord TTS.
    1. then selectAccessibilityNOuser settingsMenu. so deeptext to speech, make sure you select and activateAllow playback and use of /tts commandSlider You can also adjust the speaking rate using the slider on theText-to-speech conversion rateSection below - selectAdvance paymentto prove it
    1. Finally, if you're a server owner or admin, you'll need to enable TTS messaging on a channel for users to use the feature (or have an admin do it for you). To do this, select theSettings iconnext to a channel selected from the server list.
    1. NOChannel configurationselect menuPermissions>advanced permissions. Choose a function (or choose@alle), then check thebrand iconnext toSend text to speechPermission. choosesave Changesto confirm the change.
    1. After enabling TTS, open a channel that supports it on a server. To use it, type/tts message: texton the channel and selectEnterto send the message, replaceTextwith the message content.
    (Video) Discord TTS Not Working: How to Fix Text-to-Speech on Discord FIX [Tutorial]

    When TTS is enabled, TTS-enabled users (including you) will hear the message repeated using the TTS mechanism used by your device or browser.

    The format of the TTS message you and other users will hear is:Username said message. For example,Ben said this was a TTS message, Wobenis the nickname of the user on the server andThis is a TTS messageis the TTS message sent by the Discord user.

    Update the sound drivers in Windows

    As the name suggests, Discord's text-to-speech feature relies on a working sound system on your PC in order to function. If your speakers aren't working on Windows, you need to fix that first as this could be the reason why Discord TTS isn't working properly on your PC (assuming they are plugged in and working properly).

    For most users, updating sound drivers is the best way to solve this problem. For example, if you're missing chipset drivers for your motherboard, you won't be able to use Discord TTS until you install them. New drivers can also fix other problems with your PC's sound output, includingAudio crackling issues.

    1. To update your sound drivers in Windows, right-click on the Start menu and selectdevice administrator.
    1. NOdevice administratorwindow, select thearrow iconnext toSound, video and game controllersSection. Alternatively, if you are missing drivers, select the arrow next toother devicesinstead of. Find your audio device in the list, right-click and select itCharacteristics.
    1. NOCharacteristicswindow, select theConductorEyelash. To update your driver, selectupdate drivers. If you recently updated your sound drivers and want torevert to a previous driver, choosedriver backwardsinstead of.
    (Video) How to Fix Google Text to Speech Not Working Problem Solved
    1. If you want to update your drivers by using the Windows Update database to search for available drivers, selectSearch for drivers automatically. If you downloaded a driver from the manufacturer's website to install it manually, selectFind drivers on my computerinstead of.
    1. Windows searches for available drivers and automatically installs them if available. If you can't find new drivers, you'll need to use Windows Update to check for them. If prompted, selectCheck Windows Update for updated drivers.
    1. At this point, you will be redirected to Windows Update, where Windows will check for available system updates (including driver updates). Choose hereinstall nowto install available updates.

    Reset the speaker settings for stereo playback

    A known issue with Discord's TTS settings on Windows PCs is how the audio output is configured. While most users may have a surround sound speaker system, if your speakers are configured to use anything other than a stereo (two-speaker) audio setup, Discord may stop working.

    If you set the speaker or headphone output to something else in the Windows sound settings, e.g. B. a surround sound setting with multiple speakers, Discord TTS may stop working. If this is the case, you'll need to set your Windows speaker settings to stereo to restore Discord's text-to-speech functionality.

    1. To use a stereo playback setting in Windows, right-click on the Start menu and selectIdeas.
    1. NOIdeasselect menuSystem>If>sound control panel.
    (Video) Discord TTS Not Working: How to Fix Text-to-Speech on Discord FIX -[Tutorial]
    1. NOIfSelect your playback device from the menuReproductionand then pressTo set upIn the lower left corner. Alternatively, you can right-click and select the selected playback deviceTo set up.
    1. NOspeaker setupselect menuStereo. Select Test to hear the audio output with these settings if you want to see how it will sound. If you want to continue, selectNext.
    1. In the next menu select the speaker settings. For example, if you are using surround sound speakers, check the box next to this option. Otherwise make surefront left and rightis defined or leave the options blank and selectNext.
    1. chooseconcludeto complete the setup and restart your PC. If the configuration changes are successful, the Discord TTS should work again.

    Update, reinstall, or change Discord apps

    If you're still having Discord text-to-speech issues, you might need to look for a more drastic solution. Updating or reinstalling Discord, or switching to the web client (if you're using the desktop app) or to the desktop app (if you're using the web client) could be the fix for Discord TTS not working.

    If you need to update or reinstall (or install for the first time) Discord, the method remains the same:Download the latest versionand install it on your PC or Mac. You can switch to a beta version orCanary-Startfor the latest bug fixes, but they aren't fully stable, so you might prefer to use the stable version of Discord.

    (Video) Fix Discord Text to Speech Not Working

    If you want to switch to the web app, you have toVisit the Discord websiteand selectopen discordin the upper right corner. After you sign in, you will be taken to the Discord web app, which allows you to use Discord's text-to-speech feature in channels that are compatible with your browser's text-to-speech engine.

    Use Discord effectively

    If Discord TTS isn't working, the steps above should help you get the feature working again on your PC or other server users. Discord TTS only works on servers that have the feature enabled; However, if you can't use it, you may have toCreate your own Discord serveror switch to a server that allows it.

    Discord TTS issues are not the only issues you may encounter.connection problems,Javascript error, OfDiscord does not openEverything can be solved with simple troubleshooting tips.


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