13 High Paying Jobs for Linguists for 2022 - Exotic Careers (2023)

13 High Paying Jobs for Linguists for 2022 - Exotic Careers (1)

A degree in linguistics will prepare you for high-paying careers in publishing, public relations, marketing, communications, government administration and speech therapy.

And while some areas, such as proofreading, editing and creating dictionaries, require direct knowledge of linguistics, others do not.

However, we'll look at some high-paying linguist jobs for you to explore.

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What are the high paying jobs as a linguist?

If you're looking for high-paying jobs as a linguist, it's best to build your experience around your professional interests.

Start looking for internships at organizations and companies that will help you improve your skills and give you a better chance of landing a high-paying job.

Below are 13 jobs that will earn you a 5-figure salary with a bachelor's degree in linguistics.

1. Forensic Linguist

If you are looking for a career that prepares you for the highest salary scale in linguistics, then forensic linguist should be on your list.

Forensic linguists help solve crimes by analyzing language in recorded or written documents, such as suicide notes, contracts, and trademarks. You must have an excellent understanding of linguistic analysis techniques to ensure correct interpretation of documents.

Forensic linguists work primarily with law enforcement agencies and as consultants to assist in the investigative process. In addition to a master's degree in forensic linguistics, to excel in your career, you must be curious, determined, competitive, patient, insightful, and attentive to detail.

The average annual salary offorensic linguistsis $76,028 per year, with top earners coming in at $116,000.

2. Foreign language teacher

If you are passionate about a particular culture and its language, pursue a foreign language teaching career.

Look for opportunities at universities, business language schools and graduate schools. You might also consider working on your own as you can use online platforms to teach students abroad.

Foreign language teachers teach students the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for a specific dialect. And to qualify for the job, you need a degree in linguistics or a foreign language.

You must also have completed and completed an internship in teaching foreign languages.State exam for educators..

Upon completion, you will receive a teaching certificate, which you can use to apply for foreign language teaching positions.

The average annual salary offoreign language teacherUS$80,410, making it one of the highest-paying jobs for a linguistics graduate.

3. Copy or notepad

Another well-paying job for linguists is editing. Editors review written materials to ensure they are clear, complete, reliable, and consistent. They also check that the text is grammatically correct, accessible and well written.

As an editor, you rewrite or rework documents to ensure that the copy or material is ready for publication. This may include press releases, online articles, media content or marketing materials.

You can get opportunities at marketing companies or corporations, copywriters or as a freelancer on freelance websites.

In addition to a degree in linguistics, experience in the publishing world is a plus. The average annual salary ofstyle editorsin the United States, it is US$73,910. Top earners take home over $126,800 a year, and this job is one of them toohigh paying jobs for english students.

4. Lexicographer

This is one of the highest paying language jobs in the United States. Lexicographers are language professionals who write, compile, and edit dictionaries for print and online publications. They also seek to understand and document how word meanings evolve and change over time.

You need a degree in linguistics with an internship or work experience in a publishing house to be more likely to get a job as a lexicographer.

The Average Annual Salary of Lexicographers in the United Stateslexicographersis $72,619, with more experienced workers pocketing up to $112,220.

5. Technical writer

Technical writers are excellent communicators and simplify complex and technical written content for the target audience.

You must have excellent communication, writing, and language skills to excel as a technical writer. This is where a degree in linguistics comes into play.

Exploratory and research skills are also required, as you will need to undertake extensive research to prepare useful documents for the reader.

You can work as a technical writer in the fields of medicine, science, engineering, and technology. Therefore, computer scientists, journalists, communication scientists, Englishmen or computer scientists with good writing skills can work as technical editors.

The average annual salary oftechnical writersin the United States, it is $61,324. The highest earns over $88,000 a year making him one of the best.High Paying Jobs for Writers, especially native English speakers.

6. Speech therapist

Linguists are part of the multidisciplinary team that assists people with language problems, such as voice disorders, speech delay, stuttering and cleft palate.

Speech therapists identify communication difficulties, address the cause and design programs to improve speech development. They also create confidential reports and case notes for the entire team.

The average hourly wage of aspeech therapistis $39.37, which is about $78,000 per year.

Here's Phoebe Kent giving an excerpt of what talking therapy involves. Video Courtesy:Wolverhampton National Health Service Royal Trust.

7. Lehassistent

If you are a linguist by nature and looking for high-paying linguist jobs without necessarily having a degree, a teaching assistant is your best chance.

Teaching assistants help classroom teachers to facilitate learning activities in educational institutions. They also help prepare lessons, exhibits, and other resources to give teachers more time to guide students.

With a degree in Linguistics, you too can specialize in helping students learn English as a second language.

The average annual salary ofteaching assistantsin the United States, it is $39,460, with the highest earners over $62,540 a year.

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8. High school teacher

Your degree in linguistics will also pave the way for you to work as a high school teacher. Upon graduation, you must complete a teaching internship and pass teaching and subject exams to obtain a license in your country of interest.

After obtaining the license, you can apply to work in public or private educational institutions.

wages forhigh school teacherThey vary from state to state and school to school, although the median annual salary in the United States is around $67,340. The highest paid professors earn over $102,000 a year.

9. Translator

If you have experience in two or more languages, you should look for an opportunity to work as a translator. You can find employment in a variety of industries including intelligence, security service, and government communications center, among others.

As a translator, you are responsible for translating written content from a source language into an intended language without altering the original meaning of the materials.

No other specific certification is required, but internships and internships with translation agencies will give you a leg up on getting a better paying job.

The average annual salary ofa translatorin the US it is $58,140, ​​with the highest paid professionals earning over $96,480 a year.

10. Legal scholars and linguists

Legal linguists are responsible for interpreting and translating legal documents from the source language to the target language. They advise the court on the correctness of draft documents available to them.

You need a degree in linguistics and law to work as a legal linguist, as it is a multidisciplinary career. The average annual salary oflawyer and linguistin the United States, it is $44,816, with the top earners over $76,000 a year.

11. Professor of Linguistics

If you want to pursue an academic career, consider a master's and doctoral degree. Graduated in Linguistics to work as a university professor.

Linguistics professors teach at universities in the fields of linguistics, anthropology, language and communication sciences, and psychology.

In addition to the teaching qualification, you need a state professional license or aNational Board Certification.

The average annual salary ofThe teacherin the US it is $54,400 with the potential to earn up to $295,000 per year with more experience

12. Director of Public Relations (PR).

Almost every business and organization needs a public relations manager to maintain its reputation and image. A degree in linguistics will secure you the job, as it requires strong interpersonal and communication skills.

As a public relations officer, you will use all forms of media and communication platforms to build, manage, maintain and enhance the organization's reputation. It is also responsible for research to understand and communicate the concerns and expectations of all business stakeholders.

As the career is competitive, you can start with entry-level jobs in communications, media, marketing, and public relations.

The average annual salary ofPublic Relations Specialistsin the US it is $71,940, with the highest paid person earning over $118,200 a year.

13. Accent trainer

Accent coaches teach actors the specific accents needed to fill different roles in the acting industry. You can also work with producers, filmmakers and actors to create new accents from invented dialects for more interesting productions.

A linguistics degree is useful in this career because linguists can break and replicate language patterns. So you can teach people to speak a certain way more easily.

Some employers may also require acting skills and teaching experience. The average annual salary ofaccent trainerin the United States it is $45,467, with the highest paid earning over $76,000 a year.

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Last word

While we've highlighted some high-paying language jobs, there are dozens of opportunities open to anyone with a degree in linguistics. It's important to note that entry-level jobs may not pay as well. However, you can get one of the above jobs as a linguist, which pay well once you gain experience.


What is the highest paying job in linguistics? ›

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Linguist Jobs in the U.S.
Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly Pay
Freelance Russian Translation$132,138$11,011
International Linguist$97,000$8,083
Dari Linguist$80,834$6,736
1 more row

Does NASA hire linguists? ›

Another example is Charlotte Linde, who works as a linguist for NASA: they don't just hire astronauts and rocket scientists!

Are linguists in high demand? ›

The demand for linguists varies by region and industry. However, there is generally a high demand for linguists in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. Linguists can work in various fields, including education, government, technology, media, and publishing, among others.

How much does an overseas linguist make? ›

$70k-$95k Overseas Linguist Jobs (NOW HIRING) ZipRecruiter.

How much do FBI contract linguists make? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $96,500 and as low as $45,000, the majority of Fbi Linguist salaries currently range between $50,000 (25th percentile) to $72,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $86,000 annually across the United States.

What language gets you paid the most? ›

Highest Paid Foreign Languages to Learn in 2023
  1. German Language. Although considered one of the most challenging foreign languages out there, learning German brings good money to those who know to speak it proficiently. ...
  2. French Language. ...
  3. Spanish Language. ...
  4. 4. Japanese Language. ...
  5. Korean Language.

How much do CIA linguists make? ›

Average National Security Agency Linguist yearly pay in the United States is approximately $79,751, which is 150% above the national average.

What does a CIA linguist do? ›

Linguists work with a team to defend the country against foreign counterintelligence threats, cases of corruption, espionage, cybercrime and other unlawful offenses. CIA linguists may teach people who need to learn a language or about a culture for assignments in a foreign country.

How do you become an FBI linguist? ›

Visit FBIJobs.gov to view opportunities and the Language Talent Network. If selected, you will be contacted to complete the FBI's required Foreign Language Test Battery. If qualifying test scores are obtained, undergo drug testing, a polygraph, and a full scope FBI background investigation.

Which branch of linguistics is best? ›

Psycholinguistics - Psycholinguistics is amongst the most popular branches of linguistics that studies the relationship between psychological processes and linguistic behaviour.

What degree goes well with linguistics? ›

The field of linguistics is extremely diverse, intersecting with many areas such as anthropology, computer science, engineering, foreign language study, neurology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and speech & hearing science, among others.

What do linguists do all day? ›

Many academic linguists do research on sound structure, grammar and meaning, language acquisition, language use or the history and structure of a particular language. Some linguists teach linguistics, or foreign languages or English as a second language (ESL).

Where can I work as a linguist? ›

Job options
  • English as a foreign language teacher.
  • Lexicographer.
  • Marketing executive.
  • Public relations officer.
  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader.
  • Secondary school teacher.
  • Speech and language therapist.
  • Talent agent.

How many languages do linguists speak? ›

Linguists learn the languages and they are considered better informed if they are well versed in multiple languages. But, it does not mean that they should speak so many languages. On average, the linguists speak 2? 3 languages.

How much does military linguistics make? ›

Military Linguist Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$104,500$8,708
75th Percentile$78,500$6,541
25th Percentile$39,500$3,291

How much does a crypto linguist make? ›

The annual salary for cryptologic linguists ranges from $34,000 to $54,000 per year.

How much does a crypto linguist get paid in the Air Force? ›

Average U.S. Air Force Cryptologic Linguist yearly pay in the United States is approximately $28,891, which is 39% below the national average.

How much does a scientific linguist for the NSA make? ›

National Security Agency Salary FAQs

The average salary for a Linguist is $56,445 per year in United States, which is 36% lower than the average National Security Agency salary of $89,247 per year for this job.

Which foreign language is in demand? ›

1. French (Français) French is the most popular foreign language in India, and the reasons to learn French are apparent. With over 30 Francophone countries around the globe, It is spoken by roughly 300 million French speakers globally.

Which 3 languages would enable you to get paid the most per year? ›

JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, TypeScript, Java, C#, Bash/Shell, and PHP are among the most sought-after and highest-paying programming languages, according to the recent StackOverflow survey.

What is the most demand language in USA? ›

Spanish. Spanish is undoubtedly the next most dominant spoken language in the U.S. after English. With over 41 million speakers across the country, the Spanish language and culture are prominent in a multitude of different areas, from California to New York.

What languages are wanted by the CIA? ›

Although the CIA undoubtedly employs language officers in nearly all foreign languages, the NCS has particular interest in individuals with fluency and cultural awareness in:
  • Arabic.
  • Korean.
  • Pashto.
  • Chinese.
  • Dari.
  • Russian.
  • Persian/Farsi.
  • Somali.

What is a cryptologic linguist? ›

OVERVIEW. A Cryptologic Linguist locates the enemy by identifying foreign language communications and provides the commander with real-time intelligence. Employ high-tech intercept systems and your language expertise while working with government agencies to protect national security.

What language is CIA looking for? ›

Become fluent in one or two foreign languages

CIA agent positions that work in a foreign country may require you to be fluent in more than one language. Middle Eastern and Asian languages such as Arabic, Korean, Russian and Japanese are particularly useful due to the intelligence work being conducted in these areas.

What is the most secret job in the CIA? ›

The most secretive jobs in the CIA – the spies – work in an area officially known as "Clandestine Service." More specifically, these employees are operations and collection management officers who work in foreign countries.

How long does it take for a CIA agent to learn a language? ›

They range from 900 to 4,400 hours. If you were to study a language on your own for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a total of 20 hours a week, these estimates mean it would take you somewhere between 45 weeks and 220 weeks to reach B2 level of your target language. That is between one and four years!

How do I become a CIA language officer? ›

Desired Qualifications
  1. Strong command of the foreign language(s) and English in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  2. Professional work experience as a translator and/or interpreter.
  3. Cultural and area knowledge of where the foreign language(s) is/are spoken.
  4. Strong critical/analytical thinking and researching skills.

What is the GPA for FBI? ›

Have and maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) or better at the time of application, throughout the application process, and for the duration of the internship program. Pass all of the FBI employment background investigation requirements and be able to receive a Top Secret Clearance.

What is the cut off age for FBI? ›

Be a U.S. citizen. Be at least 23 years old. Apply before your 36th birthday unless you have veteran's preference or federal law enforcement experience.*

How do I become a government linguist? ›

The minimum requirement to work for a government agency in this field is often at least a bachelor's degree; however, some departments will hire contractors with just a high school diploma and language experience.

Is it worth it to major in linguistics? ›

The career possibilities are vast, according to alumni, peer advisors and faculty. Linguistics, the systematic study of human language, provides a strong foundation for working in speech pathology, education, journalism, law, artificial intelligence and computer-mediated language learning, among other fields.

What are the 5 branches of linguistics? ›

Linguists interested in language structure consider the formal properties of language, including word structure (morphology), sentence structure (syntax), speech sounds and the rules and patterns between them (phonetics and phonology), and meaning in language (semantics and pragmatics).

Is it hard to get a job in linguistics? ›

Finding a tenure-track job within linguistics is really, really hard, but it's not hopeless, particularly if you're in a speciality which is in demand, and if you're able to distinguish yourself somehow or another (unique research, lots of publications, excellent teaching, etc).

What do linguists do for a living? ›

Linguists work to document, analyze, and preserve endangered languages by conducting fieldwork and establishing literacy programs. This type of work can be highly rewarding for linguists collaborating with language communities around the world to help revitalize their languages.

What can you double major with linguistics? ›

Linguistics students are also well equipped for further training in many fields, including:
  • Anthropology.
  • International Affairs.
  • Law.
  • Journalism.
  • Communication, Speech, Language and Hearing Science.
  • Computer Science.
  • Education.
  • Foreign languages.

Are linguistics majors in demand? ›

They are needed everywhere, from government and non-government agencies to private companies. Aside from having a linguistics degree, translators and interpreters often need to have sufficient knowledge of the business or industry they will get involved in.

Do linguistic majors make money? ›

As a linguistics major graduate in the U.S., you can expect to earn on average $48,209 per year or $23.18 per hour. Linguistics major graduates make the most in San Francisco, CA at about $66,111 per year. The average entry-level salary in San Francisco, CA is $38,000.

Can linguists make a lot of money? ›

Computational linguists earn an average salary of $80,330 per year. This number can vary based on location and employer—for example, some research institutions may pay more than larger tech companies.

Does a linguistics degree pay well? ›

To become a linguist, one needs to have at least a bachelor's degree. They also need to showcase proficiency with the languages utilized in the job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual linguist salary is $80,170.


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